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Increase Lead Conversions on Your Website With 24/7 Live Chat

Internet marketing is truly amazing and the lifeblood of many businesses today but if you want to really get the most out of your website sales you should definitely consider adding live chat services. The one thing that websites lack is personal contact but that is no longer the case when you shore up your site with a live chat service. Think about it, you wouldn’t open your business without having your sales or customer service staff in place, yet you have a website that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

By incorporating a service like this on your site you can increase your business exponentially by being able to offer your customers and potential customers a personal point of contact 24 hours a day. Your customers will be able to instantly chat in real time with an actual person trained to provide information on your products or services. That kind of interaction is key to customer retention and the converting of visitors to your site into customers.

The very first thing that lives chat support does is ensuring customer loyalty. When your customers know they can log onto your site and have their questions answered by a real person, they are more likely to continue to do business with you now and into the future. Any business manager knows that customer retention is as important as mining for new customers. Having someone available to tend to your customers can change the whole landscape of your online business. Then, of course, is the lead conversion aspect.

When a casual visitor comes to your site he/she is more likely to buy from you if they see you have someone ready to attend to their needs on their time schedule. With a static site where there is no one to give the extra push, that same visitor will have to click around your site looking for the information they want and maybe they will find your Contact Us Form, maybe they’ll even fill it out in hopes that someone will get back to them in a few days! We all know that the more clicks someone has to make to get their information the higher percentage of site abandonment. The new customer you spent money on getting to your site may now leave and go to another site.

On the other hand, we also know that the more time someone spends on your site, the more likely they are to become a customer or refer someone else to your site. How do you get the best of both worlds of giving your customers the info that they are looking for without them abandoning your site but at the same time having them spend more time on your site? By utilizing a live chat service your customers and potential customers can get their questions answered, the info they are looking for and will spend more time on your sites and be glad they did. Live chat services have come a long way since Web 2.0 brought together the world in an easy-to-use platform. Not only can a live chat agent give information and answer questions, but they can also be trained to sell your products and convert curious visitors on your website into paying repeat customers. It’s a great fit; a way to retain your current customers and also gain new ones.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in real estate, online auctions, automotive services or anything else you can think of, live chat services can make a big difference. If your customers know they can visit your site and get the answers they need from a live person in real time then they will be much more likely to visit your site over a competitor who doesn’t offer chat services. That translates into customer retention, the gold standard of a well-respected business. Speaking of which, if a visitor is just looking around and finds that you have live chat available they are more likely to stay on your site, ask questions and hopefully buy something. Your chances of sales conversions increase immensely IF you provide a live chat agent to attend to your website 24/7.

Your website is the lifeblood of your business today and having live chat services just ensures you will get the most out of your presence in cyber-space. Return on investment is everything and live chat operators provide a return that is extraordinary. The cost of live chat operators is very negligible and in most cases pays for itself in the first sale. Don’t take chances, look into having live help on your site and get everything you can from doing business online.

Do Successful Entrepreneurs Always Take Big Risks?

One of the things that make people wary of entering the world of entrepreneurship is that they are risk-takers by nature and they believe that they are going to be able to be successful entrepreneurs without taking huge risks. One of the first things that always comes to mind is the business loan or investment in a company. A business loan for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars is certainly a risky venture and when the economy is poor would-be entrepreneurs simply give up before they start because they are afraid of those risks. But do successful entrepreneurs always take huge risks?

The Truth about Successful Entrepreneurs

The truth is, while entrepreneurs do take risks once in a while and should take a risk if the chances of success are good, most entrepreneurs are actually very conservative when it comes to risk. For example, a successful entrepreneur isn’t going to spend a hundred thousand dollars buying inventory for an online store without first spending a few hundred dollars in designing a website in order to test whether or not the product would be popular; such as a website with the products listed but showing how to start when someone tries to buy one. This gives the business owner real numbers to evaluate risk with a tiny investment.

How Entrepreneurs Prevent Risks

Entrepreneurs to become successful rarely do it out of sheer chance. Although there have been a few cases where a person was in the right place at the right time, they still had to develop the product and get it in front of people. But the majority of the times, chances almost nothing to do with it. Instead, analysis and smart decisions are the framework of their business, both things geared towards minimizing the risk is much as possible.

How Entrepreneurs Minimize Their Investment

Also, entrepreneurs look for ways to save money, even if it’s only a few dollars because each cost-saving action can add up to quite a bit of money. That’s why they look for very low cost or free things that will allow them to make their business better without costing them anything. Some examples of this are software, marketing, web design and much more. Successful entrepreneurs minimize the risk, save money wherever they can and end up with an investment that is engineered to succeed – and that’s the right way to approach entrepreneurship.

Some Quick Thoughts On The Value Of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is essentially the process of making sure that your website ranks as highly as possible in the various different search engines. Any website has to focus its attention on SEO if they want to be successful and without a proper strategy, it is going to be extremely difficult to battle with your competition. Of course, in order to be successful online, you will certainly need to work hard and there are several key things that you need to focus on.

If you focus your attention closely on a decent strategy then you should be able to rank highly for the keywords that you target. Ranking highly leads to visibility and exposure. This, in turn, will lead to a much higher degree of traffic and targeted traffic at that, which will lead to further sales and success as a result.

The entire process is based on picking the right keywords and optimizing your website both on the page and off the page by using these specific keywords. The first place to start when developing your strategy is to consider the types of keywords that people will type into their search engine when they are looking for the types of products or services that you offer.

After generating a list of regular keywords it is a very good idea for you to extend this to longtail keywords. Longtail keywords are very important to any small business because they will be far less competitive. If you are attempting to optimize for extremely competitive keywords then you are ready going to struggle and your ranking is likely to suffer as a result. Optimizing for longtail keywords, however, is a lot easier and therefore your ranking should be much better.

When people type of these specific keywords into their search engine the search engine itself will rank websites that are most relevant for the keywords that are being used. If you optimize properly for the keywords that you believe your customers will be using then there is no reason why you shouldn’t appear right at the top of the rankings.

If you do appear right at the top of the rankings then you will get far more people linking directly to your website. As such, your traffic streams will go up significantly and you will have far more people gaining exposure to your website and to the products and services that you are offering. As long as you have built a website that is likely to convert potential traffic to sales then this increasing traffic will have a dramatic impact upon the money that you are making.

Search engine optimization is certainly the best place to start for any new website. There are loads of different traffic generation techniques that you can include in your strategy, but SEO is always going to be essential.